Ask the Architect: San Gimignano Architecture

San Gimignano

A few weeks back I got my second question from a reader. (Thank you, Emily!) Sorry to say I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to post an answer for you yet, but here it is! The question: Hi Connie, In your opinion, how does San Gimignano’s architecture reflect its rise and fall of wealth and/or economic success and prosperity? Best, Emily My answer: Hi Emily, Thank … Continue reading

Chapel of Light at Beitostolen Bathed in Sun

Chapel of Light Beitostolen

After a busy fall in my little architectural practice it was nice to relax and take a break from it all at Beitostolen with good friends, family, and plenty of fresh air. There is something special about mountain hiking in the fall when the air is so clear that it’s like breathing spring water. One of the highlights of our trip was the visit to the beautiful Chapel of Light … Continue reading

Interrail 2013 Viva Italia

Interrail 2013 Rome Italy

From August 2011 to August 2012, we lived in Pisa, Italy. Therefore, it was natural to add Italy to the itinerary for our backpacking holiday. Here are some impressions from our visit. Sweet reunion Beautiful sunset over the Arno River which flows through Pisa Cycling on the walls of Lucca Nightlife in Marina di Pisa with former colleagues Earlier in the day we made new dreads on the same beach … Continue reading

Interrail 2013 The French Experience

Interrail Paris Le Tour d'Eiffel

Paris is a metropolis of world class and you better learn how to use the Metro when traveling the city to see all the obligatory sights … A slice of the panoramic view from the stairs of Sacre Coeur … The Sacre Coeur itself. Montmartre, just beside the church is also well worth a visit. A subway ride away is the glorious Notre Dame … … and Louvre, with its … Continue reading

Train, Switzerland, Train

Interrail 2013 Switzerland

Interrailing means riding trains, with time to play cards, sleep, tease siblings, stare dreamily at the landscape, write, and read books. At the stops, we leave our big backpacks and set off for sightseeing (in our family, this also entails a good portion Geocaching). Shopping is not applicable since we have to carry everything we own on our backs, but there is time for the occasional visit to the playground … Continue reading

Interrail 2013 First Stop Denmark

Interrail 2013

It’s an amazing feeling to carry everything you need in your backpack and then go travel the world. When I was young I brought my mattress and sleeping bag and slept anywhere and anytime. But traveling with this wonderful crowd *sleeping* must be part of the plan… Therefore we rent private houses via Airbnb , which is an enjoyable and affordable alternative. The following pictures are from the home that … Continue reading

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