2 Architectural Masterpieces of Milan

Milano Centrale

Taking a train to Milan one day this summer gave us a welcome change from the typical Medieval architecture of Tuscany. The first sight that met us was the Milano Centrale, one of the grandest railway stations of Europe.

It was designed and redesigned over several decades in the period from 1860 until its final completion in 1931. The result is an ambiguous architectural style, with elements from art deco, among others, with elegant details and beautiful rooms.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Vittorio Emanuele II was the first king in the kingdom of Italy, which lasted from 1861 until 1946. The Gallaria was designed by Giuseppe Mengoni in 1861 and it has double vaulted glass and cast iron arcades, so typical of the time.

The shopping street is located in the heart of Milan, and it connects two other masterpieces: Teatro alla Scala and Le Duomo (that I didn’t photograph).

Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, so here you find Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, side by side with … McDonalds.

Tragically the talented architect fell to his death from the top of the central dome, the crown of his own masterpiece.

Other glimpses

Alessandro Manzoni…

Modern buildings with the great gothic cathedral (Duomo di Milano) in the background.

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