A Flexible (Semi) Detached Extension

Hurray! We just got the principal permit for my second project as an independent architect!

This project was a bit of a nut to crack. The starting point was the house on the picture to the left, from the 80´s, with a steeply slanted roof.

The owners are a family of five, with two adults and three teenagers, who have long since outgrown their house.

The idea is that the new add-on will function as an expansion to their house in the beginning. Later it is possible to make two seperate dwellings out of it, by putting up a firewall and adjusting the property border (they also own the neighboring site). The requirements are met for two units, even though it will function as one unit for as long as they need the space.

The extension is over 180 square meters, and by adding volumes with approximately flat roofs, perpendicular to the main house, they get two full floors without building higher than existing ridge height.

On the first floor (image to the left) there are two bedrooms, and a mezzanine lounge above the central living room downstairs.

The ground floor (image below) has two bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry room, as well as a central kitchen/ living room, which open up to the ample outdoor spaces and an outdoor sun lounge.

Click on the image for full size.

Since we didn´t want to copy the style of the existing house, the design of the extension makes a contrast, with volumes with pent and flat roofs in varying hights.

The Cross-Section

The East Elevation

The West Elevation

The Cross-Section of the part of the extension with a basement (which is the southern part of the new building).

Now I have to use my summer in Italy to make a technical description of the building. Oh well, it can´t all be fun and games…

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