A Postcard from our Holiday in Denmark (reposted)

Going through a lot of old stuff I found this old postcard (posted previously on DFH) from the summer of 2010, and nostalgia swept over me. So here it is:

Going on a Dynamic Family vacation is tricky because the family members have a range of different needs according to their age, level of stress, degree of boredom, etc. As the adults long for some place to unwind, relax and perhaps go on a nature hike or two; the youth need to chill out, sleep in late, go shopping and play games; the youngsters just want to have fun together with friends and family and the toddlers need some kind of entertainment and a lot of time together with their (not working) parents.

Our solution to the holiday-puzzle this year is a house in Denmark and we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot. For a considerably smaller sum than a holiday resort would have cost we’ve got a house big enough for our Dynamic Family (our head-count for this year holiday is eight) and our holiday buddies; a family of four.

Our house for the holiday has all the right traits for making it suitable for a Dynamic Family like ours; with flexible sleeping solutions, private, semi private and public areas, and the opportunity for plenty of activities for everyone within the house. We’ve got our own kitchen, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, bubble-bath, living-room and a large garden, in addition to a combined ping-pong and billiard table. It’s a five minute walk to a beautiful beach, and a five minute drive to the nearest very idyllic little town (where they have an internet-café). There is a go-cart facility nearby, three different amusement parks within an hour and a half drive or train-ride and a zoo. We can go shopping in Copenhagen and there are some nice restaurants within walking distance of our house for our parent-nights-out.

Our Dynamic Holiday House looks like this:

Picture to the left: dining table, TV and garden door; picture to the right: sofa and kitchen.

Picture to the left: beds under the roof; picture to the right: swimming pool and bubble bath

Some of the nearby facilities for big and small children:

Picture to the left: a day of fun at the amusement park; picture to the right: car-rental at the go cart facility

This might be starting to sound like some travel bureau commercial, but it is just me sharing our Holiday paradise with you. Here’s something for everyone in our group of 12 people ranging from 3 to 47 years of age.

I hope you too have some revitalizing place to relax, recreate, and have fun together with people you love – somewhere to recharge your batteries.

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