A Postcard From Tuscany

I don´t know what it is with the Villa Albertina. Perhaps it is the well proportioned airy rooms. The arcade which provide welcome shade on hot summer days. The protective layer of vines on the venerable facade. The outdoor areas with room for ball games, sunbathing, swimming, a swing, and a clothes line for wet towels. Or my personal favorite; a hammock in a quiet corner of the garden.

Or even the…
…farm-style kitchen

… ample living room

… manorial furniture

… quiet corner for little artists

… spacious stairway with ditto landing

… comfy corners for relaxation

… view from our bedroom window

… semi-private overbuilt verandas

… view from our bathroom window

… delicious local Maiano wine.

Or, perhaps it´s simply the great company we keep when drinking it.

Or something mentioned in my previous post on Villa Albertina.

Whatever it is, the Villa Albertina gets us to lower our shoulders, relax and enjoy those lazy summer days that slowly float by…

Hope you are enjoying yours!

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