Former Architect Students Reunited on Iceland

Back when we were students of architecture, longer ago than I care to remember, our class used to go on excursions together – in a healthy mix of education and socializing.

A couple of weeks ago we went on a trip to the fascinating country Iceland, to celebrate a certain jubilee. We were lucky enough to have a native Icelander in our class, so we got the insider tour!

Thingvellir National Park.

Iceland has a truly beautiful, though barren, landscape, which is formed by the volcanic activity.

Everywhere we went there was an icky smell of Sulfur, even from the drinking water, that stems from the geysers and volcanoes.

We did it all, from bicycling along the harsh shoreline, buss trip to the power plants located on dormant volcanoes (photos), and of course we spent evenings catching up and having fun together.

The Hydro Power Plant on Iceland.

Reykjavík is a small capital, with only a few hundred thousand inhabitants. Its typically two or three story buildings, are clad with corrugated iron or plaster with crushed shells. But it also has its monumental buildings, like the Hallgrims church on top of the hill (photo), the Nordic House by Alvar Aalto, the Municipal building, and the Pearl, as the most important ones.

The newest addition is the fabulous Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. The building is a fine example of Contemporary Architecture, and worthy of a separate post (coming up)!

On the last day of our trip we visited the famous Blue Lagoon!

The mineral rich water is said to heal various skin conditions, as well as bring relaxation and general well being.

The building complex was designed in 2002 by Basalt architects, and it seems to grow right up of the barren landscape.


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