Home Sweet Home Improvement II

Since I posted this post last September, listing our home improvement to-do list, few things have actually happened in our home (well, tons of things have happened, however, not so much home improvement-wise), but there has been some development on paper…

The Garden Project

The family room in the garden is taking shape with the new protective wall. This will not only make our garden more private, but contains a flexible zone for storage rooms, shelves, an outdoor couch and covered areas for recreation, in addition to the wooden patio.
Illustration: the elevation of the protective wall on top, and the floor plan of the family room below.

We started the garden project by digging up the huge hedge that had been allowed to occupy about 20 square meters of our garden and preparing the next phase.

To the left is how it looked before we started, and to the right is a glimpse of the ongoing process.

Next, we need to find a carpenter who can do the job, and I will make more detailed drawings of the protective wall. Hopefully we will greet the next springtime with a nice new outdoor space at our disposal.

The laundry room

The laundry room in the basement is about to undergo a major makeover and become our second bathroom. In time it will look something like the sketch to the right, whereas now it looks like the picture to the left (picture is taken from the doorway).

The list I plan to email the plumber, electrician, and carpenter (once I find out who they are) is as follows;
1. change valve (plumber)
2. prepare for toilet, basin, shower, water heater, and washing machine (plumber)
3. new concrete floor with underfloor heating (electrician)
4. tiling of floor (carpenter)
5. put in new toilet and basin (plumber)
6. put the washer and dryer in their place, with a table for folding of clothes over them (me)
7. (after kitchen) insulate walls, change window, ceiling with down lights (carpenter and electrician)
8. Put in shower (plumber)

And that’s that!

The kitchen project

The plans for the kitchen are even more preliminary. The current floor plan is to the left. The sketch to the right illustrates how it might look, but it is not written in stone yet (but I do dream of a countertop of stone)! There is a lot of work ahead of us before the kitchen project is ready to go. But at least we have decided to redo our kitchen this upcoming spring!

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