Home Sweet Home Improvement

After an adventurous year in Italy we’re back in our hometown, Trondheim, getting ready for some serious home improvement.

Our house has been rented out to a bunch of young males, and you can’t say that it has improved much this past year. On the contrary, the weak spots were practically screaming towards us upon our return…

Even though we have been quite happy to have a break from the incessant fixing and improving of our home, which comes with owning an old house, I guess, we have also missed it a little. Now that we are back there are several projects waiting.

Here is our home improvement TODO list:

1. Garden

First up is fixing the garden. It has been an eyesore, and quite impractical, since we dug up and changed the drainage system a few years back. Thankfully our neighbors are patient people (?), just like us, but we all agree that it is high time to fix it now!

2. Basement

Secondly, we will build a small toilet downstairs, next to the den, and fix things up a little down there (insulation, new windows, etc.)

3. Kitchen

Then there is the kitchen project (finally). As a family of six with plenty of assosiated family members, our kitchen is simply inadequate, and I can’t wait to tear down the old bathroom (which wasn’t there in the original house from 1953) and get a much bigger room.

The hall will be included in the new kitchen, and I am looking forward to having a kitchen table for eating breakfast instead of being forced to using the living room!

Here’s how it will all look when we’re done…

To the left is the current house plan for comparison:

You just need to rotate it 90 degrees in your head from the above house plan…

4. Entrance

After this (and I realize this will take some time) we will renovate the entrance area.

As of now one of the children is using the old “home office” – new main entrance – as a bedroom, and this is a priority, so the timing is a bit unclear on this one.

5. Garage

The final (or not) project on our agenda is a new garage (preferably one that is big enough for our car). I have some nice ideas about how to integrate an outdoor kitchen, playhouse for the girls, and pergola, etc, in the garage project. Still highly sketchy, but we’ll see…

Well, there it is. So you see we have our work cut out for us, now that we’re back home again. Going away for a period of time certainly puts things into perspective…

Do you have any home improvement projects on your todo-list?

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