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Is your house ever in such a state that you *hope* noone drops by? Then you make a concerted effort to clear and shine everything before some anniversary, when a group of friends, who you invited several weeks ago in a fit of bravado, come to visit. For our part, with four kids, a big house, and two working adults, this is more like the normal state than the exception.

The white anemone is a diversion with our makeshift kitchen in the background

The white anemone serves as a diversion, with our makeshift kitchen in the background

The month of May is packed with holidays and oval weekends with golden opportunities to invite family and friends for brunch or a glass of wine. But this year the condition of our home is so beyond *hope no one drops by* that it does not even matter if someone actually do… In other words; we are redecorating, together with a large proportion of the Norwegian population, according to statistics.

hipphurra4While ignoring my own good advice to complete one project at a time, we are now underway with three renovation projects at the same time! Namely; the laundry room in the basement, a completely new kitchen, and a brand new outdoor space. Contrary to common sense construction debris, dust and power tools floats all around us. People belonging to the construction industry (but not the family) wander in and out of our home as if they live here.

Working at home is not always easy under such sircumstances, and sometimes I find myself staring out of the window, dreaming about how wonderful it will be to get the house to myself again. But the most important thing right now is to enjoy our new laundry room, and the makings of our new kitchen and outdoor space, where things are coming together.

Our old kitchen is on this trailer...

Our old kitchen is on this trailer…

If you ever renovated your home you will know this; there is an endless stream of decisions to be made – lighting fixtures, colors choices, materials, layout, and so forth. It is important for these processes to take their good time in order for the result to be optimal. I have earlier made the mistake of thinking that faster is better, although at the time it felt like a necessity (with a newborn baby on my arm and a house under full reconstruction). There was no time to ponder whether the lists should be painted or varnished pine oak and the result was so so. In retrospect, I see that more time for pondering would have had its justification.

When it comes to the kitchen, it was high time to make a change. We took over the house after an old widower, who had taken one quarter of the minimal 50-century kitchen and built a toilet there. It was a mildly put non-functional solution for us. So after spending the winter and spring planning, selecting fixtures, tile and wallpaper, it is now time to just sit back and watch the highly efficient craftsmen do their thing.

hipphurra2Having a temporary kitchen without water, drainage, oven, or dishwasher, is proving to be quite a challenge for an active family of six, but we try and make the best of it. Although Microwave food is neither cheap, healthy, or tasty, we will have to get by on it the next few weeks. Now, a good fresh salad is both healthy and tasty, and the barbecue season is upon us, so this should be okay!?!

In order to make things functional it is essential with good structure and routine. Every family member has been given a large and small plate, a deep plate, a glass, and a cup, with names printed on it and told to rinse / wash after use in order to have it ready for the next meal. Even so we need to be mentally prepared for some unwanted consequences of the building period.

It has been on the agenda for my blog for a while to write an update post from my home. The dream was to try to impress potential readers and clients by showing off the home of *versatile architect*, but the reality is undoubtedly quite different. Such a post will have to wait until late autumn when the outdoor space, kitchen and basement are actually done – and the front door has been fixed …

"The Architect" behind this clever makeshift solution is my better half...

Please note: “the architect” behind this clever makeshift solution is my better half…

Although adhoc solutions have their charm, it is a strain living on a building site. But luckily there is an end to everything, and I look forward to a sunny, serene autumn with delicious food made in our brand new kitchen. Time will tell how it actually turns out… In a fit of bravado, we’ve just invited dozens of people here, to celebrate an anniversary in August. Wish us luck!

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