Lovable Architecture

Why do you fall in love with some buildings, while you are indifferent, or even hate, others?

With some buildings; its love at first sight, while others slowly grow on you. (And, BTW, – in this case monogomy is out of the question…) Some buildings you love regardless of time and they turn into icons, while others are shooting stars on the sky of architecture.

The classic beauty of Audrey Hepburn and the Pantheon of Rome (click image to enlarge) The playfulness of Justin Bieber and Zaha Hadid´s temporary pavilion (click image to enlarge)

Back in year 100 or thereabout the criteria used for evaluate architecture were, as defined by Vitruvius; beauty, usefulness, and durability. Today, a longer and more complex list is appropriate, as I pointed out in the post “What is Architecture?”. In addition to these three, there are also criteria like history, politics, sustainability, and culture.

A building where somebody obviously had way too much money on their hands might make a slight impression, because of the vulgarity of it if nothing else, but you could never love it!

Other criteria are subject to personal tastes and preferances. Perhaps you fall for the combination of historical relevance and grandeur in the Colosseum of Rome, or the unexpected combination of materials and shapes of the Oslo Opera House.

Perhaps the building means a new life for the people who are going to use it, such as a beautiful new home, a school, an ice rink for the neighborhood kids, or a temple for worship. When the idea behind a building takes into consideration the needs and wants of the people who use it, you will love the result!

I believe what makes you love a building is its authenticity, and the integrity of the people who planned it, shining through. Lovable architecture is built for real people, using beautiful materials in artistic ways.

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