One Story Extension With a Twist

Addon with a twist“We are really satisfied with the result. The living room is lovely, the hallway is large and spacious, and our son loves his new big room.” says Silje and Thorstein to a responsive and happy architect! It is actually the most important thing in my industry, to have users who are satisfied with the result.

After a year of planning, getting permits, and hiring contractors, and then a 6 months building phase, my first project as a self-employed architect is finally completed. I recently went there with a camera and spoke with the satisfied owners. But first some background information:

This is the existing situation, with a picture of the house from the south to the left, and the existing house plan of the ground floor to the right. On the first floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom.

The site after the extension to the left, and the old entrance below.
IMG_6813The arched wall leads from the garage, which is on the west side, to the entrance on the east side of the building. (The whole neighborhood is planned this way, and moving the entrance to the other side was not an option.)

The owners are a dynamic family of six, who initially wanted a two story extention. Unfortunately the municipality turned it down, but with some adjusting of the expectations, as well as the house plans, we settled on this one story solution, which adequatly meets their needs. This way they get a new bedroom, a much bigger living room, a covered patio, and a better entrance situation.

Addon with a twist
There still remains some finishing touches here and there, but mainly this is the way it is.
Addon with a twist
The curved wall, overlooking the garden, makes the project a little out of the ordinary.
The new entrance has been given a modern look.
Addon with a twist
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