Our Home in Pisa

It sure is strange to get out of the chair, pack our suitcases and head off to another country. Our lives are literally turned upside down. We are evaluating many of our old habits, and are slowly adapting to the Italian culture. It is an exciting and fun adventure! After a few short weeks it is even hard to remember what life in Trondheim was like. We moved from our house from the fifties in an area of villas, and into a medieval building complex in the middle of the historical centre of Pisa…

Our entrance is right behind the head of the scooter-driver. I’ve never lived as smack in the centre of a city as we do now. The school is just down the road, and there are restaurants, coffeshops, and stores everywhere. Not to mention the idyllic city scenery!

Looking out through the main entrance…

We pass by this courtyard on the way to our apartment. I can easily picture a water fountain here in the good old days…

Our apartment and garden is right behind that door.

We are very lucky to have a private garden in the city centre.

The kitchen with double doors towards the garden. This is actually the entrance of the apartment.

The living room.

The dining table and a glimpse of the home office.

We use this room as a multimedia-room. Here are our computers, dance-mats, Wii games, and a red couch.

One of four nearly identical bathrooms!! You may wonder why they didn’t leave at least one of them for storage?

One of the bedrooms.

The main bedroom with double doors, through which we have a nice view of the garden.

A close-up of the medieval garden wall. There’s a narrow street on the opposite side of it.

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