Our Major Home Renovation (part 2)

In august 2007 we moved into our new home with a four weeks old baby and craftsmen coming and going all the time. It was a pretty chaotic few months until we finished rebuilding it just in time for Christmas. By then we had three new rooms and had renovated just about every existing room in the house. Now our house has five bedrooms, two home offices, a den in the basement and a hobby-room on the first floor, in addition to the common rooms on the ground floor – and a brand new bathroom which I designed from scratch. Although it didn’t always feel like it at the time, it was worth the wait. We didn’t change the plan for the ground floor at the time – just made a few adjustments in the entrance area and remodeled the rooms – and it looked like this:

Ground floor plan and section or our house
(The house plans for the first floor and the attic was posted here).

When we bought the house the living space was about 150 square meters with a basement, ground floor and first floor. The rebuilding and renovation added another 55 square meters to our house, giving us a total of 205 treasured square meters for us to enjoy.

Well, this is what it looked like after this makeover, so come on in and have a look:

Picture to the left: The living room and the dining room; Picture to the right: The bathroom

Picture to the left: The kitchen; Picture to the right: The multipurposed hobby-room

Picture to the left: The (then) 8 year old boy’s room;
Picture to the right: The new bedroom, where the teenager of the house lived

Picture to the left: The new bedroom where the two little ones slept;
Picture to the right: The room where I had my home office

Picture to the left: The master bedroom (the stair used to come up right in the middle of it);
Picture to the right: A corner for relaxation away from “the beat”

It’s quite a change from the fixer upper we bought back in 2007, don’t you think?

In the next post I will tell the tale of the basement. As I mentioned in part one we got a water leakage down there the same month we moved into the house. So even though this was perhaps the only place we weren’t planning to renovate we were forced to rethink this area as well. Welcome back to see the pictures and learn how we solved the unwelcome task; turning this into one of our multifunctional rooms.

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