Personal or Professional?

Is it possible to be both personal and professional at the same time?

inspection-red Yes, I believe that it’s possible, and it may even be enriching. Life is not meant to be so darn serious, and with this in mind I embark on a new project, namely to write my blog in Norwegian as well (on my company webpage).

Being casual and relaxed is not tantamount to being unprofessional, and the informal style of blogs is here to stay. The urge to write has accompanied me my whole life, and judging by the diversity “out there”, I’m not alone! To write freely about architectural issues (albeit architectural in rather broad sense) comes naturally to me.

Since Norwegian is my mother tongue it actually feels more personal to write in Norwegian, compared to English, which I have been doing for a while already here on Versatile Architect.

So why start writing in Norwegian now? And why do it at the website where I promote my architectural services? Because I believe that it is possible to be personal and professional at the same time.

It feels like coming home, to say it with a clich̩. A couple of years back I started my own company and moved my working place home. Now, I also move the blog home Рto Norway, although I will retain the international website as well.

Does the youth own the Internet?

Internet provides the opportunity for anyone who feels the slightest urge to publish their thoughts, photos, texts, opinions, or whatever. Things that would have remained buried in a desk drawer is now lifted up and into the light. “Never have so many written so much about so little” has become a truth, for better or for worse.

This freedom of expression is not exclusive for young people, although the young dominate the bloggosphere. (NOTE: This blog is not about fashion, makeup, or shopping!) There is enough room for everyone on this spacious stage, and it is the reader that separates success from failure.

Some of us who have passed 30 (and 40 ..) feel that we still, and perhaps more than ever, have something to say.

I love writing, traveling, photography, working with people, designing buildings, implementing projects, learning new things, and much more. The backdrop of my life is my family, 5 children from 5 to 20 years, my husband, and our house with a constant flow of rebuilding and renovation projects.

These are some of the things this blog is about, and you are always welcome back to read useful and entertaining stuff about architecture.

Architect devoted to writing

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