Siena (part one): Rooftops and the Piazza del Campo

I have wanted to visit the great Piazza del Campo in Siena since I learned about it in architectural history class at the University. Its fishbone patterned floor was established when Siena had its golden age in the Middle Ages (like so many of the Tuscan towns).

The promenade along the edge with coffeshops and restaurants contributes positively to the atmosphere of the place. Its unique fan-shape is defined by the surrounding buildings, as well as the slanting triangles that radiate out from the Palazzo Pubblico (previously the Town Hall, now a museum).

This popular urban space was once the site of a Roman forum. Today the Piazza del Campo is considered one of the world’s most successful public spaces, and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The entrance to the tower of the Palazzo Publico, on the left. The view from the tower, on the right.

Another rooftop view.

The view from the tower revealed a well preserved Medieval townscape. In part two I’ll show you the other great attraction of Siena, its Magnificent Gothic Cathedral.

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