Stairway and Storage Renewal (part 2)

Practically finished and ready to reveal

I started this project in April 2010 with a declaration of war on procrastination. Well, the race was a bit closer than I had hoped, but at least I got the area from looking like the picture on the left to the picture on the right, so who cares that it took 6 months instead of 3 weeks?

From the beginning until the end of the project quite a bit happened. The stairway was transformed from the gloomy picture on the left to the fresher looking ones to the right and below. Amazing what can be accomplished with a little paint and some plasterboard!

After we planned the storage system we invested in some suitable storage items from IKEA. To go with our checker patterned tiles we chose cupboards with dark gray sliding doors. The area was completed with some solid metal shelves that fit perfectly in the remaining nook we get after the cupboards were in place.

Above and below are some pictures of the process from the point of getting the DIY boxes from IKEA until the final task of hinging the sliding doors.

In this little project we went through the three phases of a home improvement process; defining the problem (easy one, just look at those before pictures!), planning the solution (which I wrote about in part 1 of this series) and finally doing the job!

The result was an easily accessible, neat looking area of our home where we stored winter clothing, mittens, hats, boots, jackets, among other things. Not the things we used every day, because we kept those upstairs by the entrance (the rebuilding of this area is on the sketch board!)

Finally, I was not embarrassed to invite people to stay in the guestroom in our den.

Actually, by seeing these pictures I realize there might be a part 3 of this project once we return to Norway. The pine doors would look good painted in shades of gray as well, don’t you agree? Oh well, so much for having completed the project (I did say it was practically finished…) and again I notice how home improvement truly is a dynamic process. Also, replacing the old window is still not done. We decided to replace it together with the two other old windows when the other storage area of the basement got reorganized (coming up next!).

Typically the last finishing touches of the slats aren’t done yet. Let´s hope it gets done before we are ready to sell our house, one day in the far far future…

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