Storage Get Organized by Sir Terrence Conran

I own a handful of precious books that I once and again take out of the bookshelf in search of valuable advice or inspiration; to read or just look at the pictures. This is one of them. Ever since I stumbled upon it in a bookstore – and couldn’t stop reading so I figured I might as well buy it – I’ve returned to this book whenever the fancy strikes me to get the house reorganized or decluttered. It is written in a down to earth sort of language keeping in focus the main message; how to get our house well organized and tidy, and how to keep it that way.

The author walks us through the dynamic process of living – from the scope of our first tiny apartment to the home of our blossoming and ever evolving family, and finally to the place we call home after our offspring leave the nest. Conran suggests that we use every transition (the process of moving in together, buying a new house, a renovation, and even an undesirable divorce) as an opportunity to sort through our stuff – throw or give a way, put in storage, or bring to life some old heirloom by putting it to new use within our dwelling.

Then when we’ve sorted out the keepers and gotten rid of the rest we need well thought out systems for storage; be it some nifty system within the walls, or underneath the staircases, in shelves, boxes or baskets. The choices we make give character to our home. Room by room Conran guides us through the do’s and don’ts of our living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom among others. He gives us a lot of pointers and illustrated examples on how to exploit the space of our house in the best possible fashion.

For the details, I recommend you get Terrance Conran’s Storage: Get Organized and read it or just feast your eyes on the beautiful and inspiring pictures.

This book review was previously posted on the Dynamic Family Home site.

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