Storage Room Reorganized (part 2)

Welcome to a guided tour of our new storage room (of about 10 square meters, so it won’t take too long). For more on the process, you can read part 1 first if you like. Here’s how it turned out:

The picture to the left is from the doorway, looking in. We permanently closed the door behind the corner section, which used to lead to the laundry room (the access is now from the den). This gave room for some extra, valuable storage capacity. We bought two extra shelves for the corner section and a few new plastic boxes to complete this part of the project.

The picture to the right is from the corner section toward what used to be storage room I (originally used for food storage). The shelves were washed and everything sorted through. Now all that was there was stuff we use once in a while, everything else was thrown away. The bottom shelf was designated for pots and pans, fondue set, wok, and the like; the second shelf for glass trays, vases and bowls; the third one for kitchen utensils like food processors and such; and the top shelf was used for the tall machines and cookie tins, etc. The old cupboard which used to be full of old cassettes was now used for screws, nails, and the like. To the far right the tools had been systematized as well (about time!).

The picture to the left shows the new system, giving us easy access to all our tools.

Of course, decluttering, cleaning, and reorganizing always pays off in the end. After it was finished I just loved walking in there to pick up something we needed. Now it was easy to find and I no longer was afraid of breaking a leg in the process.

And as a nice side-effect of this project´s completion:

The den:

Our den had been used as a storage room ever since we started on the project: Stairway and Storage Renewal the spring of 2010.

A lot had happened. Just look:

Above: It used to look like this!

Left: The den was supposed to function both as a playroom for the kids and guestroom. We also had a big movie screen when we pulled down the blind hanging from the ceiling in the centre of the room.
Yes, we had a monstrous projector on which we played movies for the children.

The kids finally had their playroom back and we had a much more attractive place to offer our overnight guests. The first guests were our good friends from South Africa who were the first to use this room after it’s rejuvenation (hello K&P).

Best of all now that this project was finished was, I had time to start on something more fun!

Next up is a teen-room makeover! Stay tuned…

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