A Flexible (Semi) Detached Extension

A Flexible Semi Detached Extension

Hurray! We just got the principal permit for my second project as an independent architect! This project was a bit of a nut to crack. The starting point was the house on the picture to the left, from the 80´s, with a steeply slanted roof. The owners are a family of five, with two adults and three teenagers, who have long since outgrown their house. The idea is that the … Continue reading

10 Reasons for Hiring an Architect

10 reasons

“Why hire an architect?” you might ask yourself… According to prejudice only the rich can afford them, and only the less creative really need them anyway. Reason no. 1: You Have Plans For Your House The most obvious reason for hiring an architect is that you have plans to build or rebuild your house, because it no longer meets your needs. If this isn’t already a good enough reason for … Continue reading

Replacing the Garage with a Two Story Extention


A preliminary project I did for a family of six with four children from newborn to preteen. The problem Their situation was that they had outgrown their house and some of the rooms were too small (kitchen, bathroom and laundry-room). They needed more space for a new main bedroom and bathroom. They planned to finance an extension in part by building a rental apartment in the basement. In their (then) … Continue reading

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