The Aqueduct of Lucca and The Tricky Business of Water Supply

The Aqueduct of Lucca

To provide water to a city, where all the wells are contaminated, was one of the great challenges the people of ancient times were facing. The result was the legendary aqueducts, and there are many examples of this ancient architecture around the world.The aqueduct of Lucca is a fine example. It was built as late as the 19th century in a neoclassical style designed by Luccese architect Lorenzo Nottolini. The … Continue reading

Modern Architecture – The Imperfect Argument

The Garden Wall

“No architecture can be truly noble which is not imperfect.” John Ruskin From the moment a building is inaugurated and put into use it begins to age. Therefore it is decisive for its success how it bears its flaws – because the flaws will indeed come! The flawless ideal A brand new flawless building is beautiful and fascinating for sure, with the freshness that looks good on cover pages. However, … Continue reading

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