Storage Get Organized by Sir Terrence Conran


I own a handful of precious books that I once and again take out of the bookshelf in search of valuable advice or inspiration; to read or just look at the pictures. This is one of them. Ever since I stumbled upon it in a bookstore – and couldn’t stop reading so I figured I might as well buy it – I’ve returned to this book whenever the fancy strikes … Continue reading

Storage Room Reorganized (part 1)


The next home improvement project on the agenda (after finishing the project Stairway and Storage Renewal) was the reorganization the other storage facilities in the basement. The starting point of this area looked like this: Picture to the left: overview of storage area, looking towards storage room III; Picture to the right: looking the opposite direction towards the laundry room with a glimpse of storage room I to the right … Continue reading

Stairway and Storage Renewal (part 1)

storage area2

We had this area in our basement which we’d allowed to become a deposit area for stuff there really wasn’t room for; for instance: garbage(!), building materials (our excess hardwood floors mysteriously ended up here), shoes, clothes, etc. This was in addition to what was not there by accident: boxes with light bulbs, ski gear, suitcases, sleeping bags and so forth. This area was situated next to the family room … Continue reading

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