Our Major Home Renovation (part 3)


In part 1 and part 2 of this series I mentioned that we got a water leakage in our basement the same month we moved into our new home. Actually the water came into the house twice within a couple of weeks due to a period of heavy rainfall. The water flooded the communal pipes in the road making the water recoil into several of the basements in the neighborhood, … Continue reading

Our Major Home Renovation (part 2)

Bildebank 063

In august 2007 we moved into our new home with a four weeks old baby and craftsmen coming and going all the time. It was a pretty chaotic few months until we finished rebuilding it just in time for Christmas. By then we had three new rooms and had renovated just about every existing room in the house. Now our house has five bedrooms, two home offices, a den in … Continue reading

Our Major Home Renovation (part 1)


When we were househunting, in Norway back in 1997, I knew it the moment we walked into the house; that we had found our new home. I suspected our friends and family thought we had lost our marbles, buying a house labeled “a renovator’s dream” with a baby on the way and no handyman tendencies to speak of, and perhaps they were right. Fortunately for us I am an architect … Continue reading

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