The Aqueduct of Lucca and The Tricky Business of Water Supply

The Aqueduct of Lucca

To provide water to a city, where all the wells are contaminated, was one of the great challenges the people of ancient times were facing. The result was the legendary aqueducts, and there are many examples of this ancient architecture around the world.The aqueduct of Lucca is a fine example. It was built as late as the 19th century in a neoclassical style designed by Luccese architect Lorenzo Nottolini. The … Continue reading

The Cinque Terre Experience – part two

Cinque Terre scenery

A few weeks ago we visited the first of the five little towns called the Cinque Terre (five lands), and returned with happy smiles and a full camera. Last saturday we went there again, with the whole family (minus one busy teenager, unfortunately) to share this experience with them. We decided to start in the other end this time, and took the train to the last of the five, Monterosso … Continue reading

The Cinque Terre Experience – part one

Riomaggiore Townscape

Up in the Liguria region of Italy, lies the Cinque Terre, like a string of beautiful pearls, sprinkled along the ragged shoreline. These five small villages, tied together with a winding path, remain untouched by cars (for the most). The area has been a popular tourist destination since the beginning of tourism. Since 1997 it has been part of Unesco´s World Heritage Site. Before tourism the Cinque Terre were simple … Continue reading

Signs of Religion

sign of religion in the forest

After nine months in Italy I am struck by how religious symbols keep showing up on thinkable and unthinkable places. For example: … on a workshop wall. … closeup. … in the abandoned cave of an eremite. … on the street. … on a brick wall. … in the middle of the forest. … on a mountain top. … Continue reading

Knocking on Heaven´s Door

Heaven in Tuscany

After a semi-strenous hike we discovered this absolutely idyllic place high up in the mountains of Tuscany. A citizen of the nearby town has, appropriately enough, named the place “Heaven”, and keeps it open for hikers in need of a hot or cold drink and a place to rest. Simply charming! Pretty sure this building detail is not “by the book”, but who cares! … Continue reading

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