Interrail 2013 Viva Italia

Interrail 2013 Rome Italy

From August 2011 to August 2012, we lived in Pisa, Italy. Therefore, it was natural to add Italy to the itinerary for our backpacking holiday. Here are some impressions from our visit. Sweet reunion Beautiful sunset over the Arno River which flows through Pisa Cycling on the walls of Lucca Nightlife in Marina di Pisa with former colleagues Earlier in the day we made new dreads on the same beach … Continue reading

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

What started out as a structural blunder turned out to be the pride and joy of Pisa (partly reposted). It’s always nice to reminisce about bygone experiences, and especially when the Norwegian winter is lurking around every corner and seems everlasting. Last year the family lived in Pisa, Italy, and we had the magnificent bell tower of marble five minutes away from our home. (There were taken a few pictures … Continue reading

10 Things I Will Miss About Tuscany

Peaceful Talks in Lucca

A Farewell Love Letter Just about a year ago, my family and I moved from Norway to Italy for a one year to stay in the city of the slanting tower. Naturally we had heard about this famous entrepreneural blunder, but I must admit we had hardly heard about Tuscany. If anything I had the impression Tuscany was a nice place for old and sick people in need of a … Continue reading

Celebrating June in Pisa – Gioco del Ponte


A little outdated maybe, but this post is about the conclusion of Giugno Pisana celebration. The Game of the Bridge is a battle of strength between Pisa’s Northern and Southern districts. Traditionally the two halves of the city, which are separated by the Arno River, are called Tramontana and Mezzogiorno. The Gioco del Ponte takes place on the Ponte di Mezzo (the middle bridge) on the last sunday of June, … Continue reading

Celebrating June in Pisa – La Luminara di San Ranieri

La Luminara di San Ranieri - 16th of June in Pisa

During the month of June there are several events in Pisa, as they celebrate their Guignio Pisana. On June 16th we witnessed the spectacular festival of the lights; La Luminara di San Ranieri, and it was indeed remarkable! On the evening before their Patron Saint´s day (San Ranieri) all electrical lights were switched off along the river Arno, and the Medieval houses, as well as the three main bridges, were … Continue reading

Signs of Religion

sign of religion in the forest

After nine months in Italy I am struck by how religious symbols keep showing up on thinkable and unthinkable places. For example: … on a workshop wall. … closeup. … in the abandoned cave of an eremite. … on the street. … on a brick wall. … in the middle of the forest. … on a mountain top. … Continue reading

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