2 Architectural Masterpieces of Milan

Milan Central Railway Station

Milano Centrale Taking a train to Milan one day this summer gave us a welcome change from the typical Medieval architecture of Tuscany. The first sight that met us was the Milano Centrale, one of the grandest railway stations of Europe. It was designed and redesigned over several decades in the period from 1860 until its final completion in 1931. The result is an ambiguous architectural style, with elements from … Continue reading

Siena (part two): the Magnificent Cathedral – a Head-Bowing Experience

Siena´s Gothic Cathedral

First impressions matter, and buying a ticket naturally comes before seeing the attraction. At the gothic cathedral in Siena the ticket boots are ridiculously low, and if you want to buy a ticket you must bow your head down and order it through a little hole. Whoever designed this ticket boot did a terrible job! Unless, off course, the point actually was to set the mood for the head-bowing experience … Continue reading

Siena (part one): Rooftops and the Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo in Siena

I have wanted to visit the great Piazza del Campo in Siena since I learned about it in architectural history class at the University. Its fishbone patterned floor was established when Siena had its golden age in the Middle Ages (like so many of the Tuscan towns). The promenade along the edge with coffeshops and restaurants contributes positively to the atmosphere of the place. Its unique fan-shape is defined by … Continue reading

A Postcard From Tuscany

view from the bathroom window

I don´t know what it is with the Villa Albertina. Perhaps it is the well proportioned airy rooms. The arcade which provide welcome shade on hot summer days. The protective layer of vines on the venerable facade. The outdoor areas with room for ball games, sunbathing, swimming, a swing, and a clothes line for wet towels. Or my personal favorite; a hammock in a quiet corner of the garden. Or … Continue reading

The Marvels of Marble

A detail from the marble (Leaning) Tower of Pisa

Marble has been imitated, copied, and cultured, across the world and over the centuries, but nothing compares to “the real thing”. The stone has a porous outer layer, which allows the light to penetrate the stone, causing the typical waxy and glowing (skinlike) expression. Marble is somehow soft and solid at the same time, and thereby easy to shape and still strong enought to carry a heavy weight. These are … Continue reading

Celebrating June in Pisa – Gioco del Ponte


A little outdated maybe, but this post is about the conclusion of Giugno Pisana celebration. The Game of the Bridge is a battle of strength between Pisa’s Northern and Southern districts. Traditionally the two halves of the city, which are separated by the Arno River, are called Tramontana and Mezzogiorno. The Gioco del Ponte takes place on the Ponte di Mezzo (the middle bridge) on the last sunday of June, … Continue reading

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