Architecture & the Love of Imperfection


The imperfect has a certain charm to it. A rugged brick wall, faded paint, buildings that have visible defects – not because no one cares, but because time has done its thing and left its mark. It stands as a testimony to the history of the building, as well as to the people who have shared their lives within its walls. It has not been discarded and demolished, but continues … Continue reading

Lovable Architecture

The playfulness of Justin Bieber and the Zaha Hadid pavillion

Why do you fall in love with some buildings, while you are indifferent, or even hate, others? With some buildings; its love at first sight, while others slowly grow on you. (And, BTW, – in this case monogomy is out of the question…) Some buildings you love regardless of time and they turn into icons, while others are shooting stars on the sky of architecture. The classic beauty of Audrey … Continue reading

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