How to Tile on Plastered Walls


I love how you can use the Internet for finding out “how to” do this and that. Since neither my husband nor myself are particularly handy we usually get professional help, but it is actually quite rewarding to do-it-yourself. Still, it is a good idea to check with the experts first. Matt Milstead, who is the author of this guest post, is an expert on tiling. He shares his knowledge … Continue reading

The Marvels of Marble

A detail from the marble (Leaning) Tower of Pisa

Marble has been imitated, copied, and cultured, across the world and over the centuries, but nothing compares to “the real thing”. The stone has a porous outer layer, which allows the light to penetrate the stone, causing the typical waxy and glowing (skinlike) expression. Marble is somehow soft and solid at the same time, and thereby easy to shape and still strong enought to carry a heavy weight. These are … Continue reading

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