Photo Safari in Oslo – Goal: See Teachers House

Photo Safari in Oslo

I must admit that I’m not particularly fond of Oslo. When I chose to settle down in Trondheim, which is approx. 500 kilometers North of my childhood home, it was not completely by accident. Yet, I always discover something interesting when I visit the capital city. Like for instance, last weekend, when we found Wergeland’s old stable in this idyllic residential enclave by Fredensborgveien. Oslo can be perceived as rather … Continue reading

The Definition of Architecture


Architecture is… difficult to define, and even architects get confused when asked to come up with an unambiguous definition. If you are looking for an answer with two lines underneath, you might find it here (or not). Whether your first association is: “architecture is… fancy modern building-design”, or “… the collective human heritage of built environments throughout the world” you might reconsider. This is an attempt to explore the wealth … Continue reading

Back to Earth – The World´s Oldest Building Material

California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (CalEarth) designs

Throughout the history of mankind earth has by far been the most commonly used building material. Anyone with a piece of land have it, and it requires no huge transportation costs. With a shovel and some manpower, people throughout the ages have dug out caves, made earthbricks, rammed earth walls, and developed other ways to build with this abundant material. The picture above shows the Fairy Chimney Hotel in Turkey. … Continue reading

Harpa, the Great Concert Hall of Reykjavik

Modern Architecture; Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland

“Architecture is music in space, as it were a frozen music” Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling In 2011, the modern day cathedral, or rather the new concert hall of Reykjavik, was finished. The planning and building process, which took about a decade, was nearly stopped in 2007 due to the financial crisis. Thankfully the state of Iceland stepped up and made sure the project was completed by replacing the bankrupt … Continue reading

Former Architect Students Reunited on Iceland

Thingvellir National Park on Iceland

Back when we were students of architecture, longer ago than I care to remember, our class used to go on excursions together – in a healthy mix of education and socializing. A couple of weeks ago we went on a trip to the fascinating country Iceland, to celebrate a certain jubilee. We were lucky enough to have a native Icelander in our class, so we got the insider tour! Thingvellir … Continue reading

2 Architectural Masterpieces of Milan

Milan Central Railway Station

Milano Centrale Taking a train to Milan one day this summer gave us a welcome change from the typical Medieval architecture of Tuscany. The first sight that met us was the Milano Centrale, one of the grandest railway stations of Europe. It was designed and redesigned over several decades in the period from 1860 until its final completion in 1931. The result is an ambiguous architectural style, with elements from … Continue reading

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