Chapel of Light at Beitostolen Bathed in Sun

Chapel of Light Beitostolen

After a busy fall in my little architectural practice it was nice to relax and take a break from it all at Beitostolen with good friends, family, and plenty of fresh air. There is something special about mountain hiking in the fall when the air is so clear that it’s like breathing spring water. One of the highlights of our trip was the visit to the beautiful Chapel of Light … Continue reading

Architectural Fees – What is Appropriate?

Norwegian money

I was at a social gathering one night and the conversation turned to prices for architectural services, of all things… An acquaintance told me (slightly upset) that he had paid more than 60,000 NOK (approx. 8000 EUR) in architectural fees even before he put the shovel in the ground! After interrogating him about what kind of services the architect had done I had to disagree that this was an exorbitant … Continue reading

Photo Safari in Oslo – Goal: See Teachers House

Photo Safari in Oslo

I must admit that I’m not particularly fond of Oslo. When I chose to settle down in Trondheim, which is approx. 500 kilometers North of my childhood home, it was not completely by accident. Yet, I always discover something interesting when I visit the capital city. Like for instance, last weekend, when we found Wergeland’s old stable in this idyllic residential enclave by Fredensborgveien. Oslo can be perceived as rather … Continue reading

Aalesund Art Noveau City No. 1

Alesund Art Noveau City no. 1

November has swept by quickly, leaving this blog sorely unattended, but with breaths of several new projects to my architectural practice. Among others one that brought me to the venerable Jugend city on the coast of Norway, called Aalesund (Ålesund). I had time for a short date with my camera, and took some pictures of this fabulous city by the sea. Not the blue skies to which I had grown … Continue reading

Jungle Animals and Free Birds in the Heart of Oslo

Forceful jungle animals in the city

Oslo, the capital of Norway, on a cold spring day, on the day the trial of Anders Behren Breivik started (terrorist and mass murderer, responsible for the 22nd of July massacre). No one is unmoved. Danger showed up where it was least expected. “Free as a bird, or in the claws of destiny?” Forceful jungle animals in the heart of the city – reminders of our dependence of the forces … Continue reading

Oslo Opera House


“Architecture is music in space, as it were a frozen music” Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling. The Oslo Opera House lies in the transition between land and sea, with its vast slanting marble floors to sit or walk about on when the weather allows it. The building majestically tilts towards the ocean, like an iceberg. The renouned Norwegian architects from Snøhetta, who also designed the library of Alexandria and the … Continue reading

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