Hooray For The Home Team

The white anemone is a diversion with our makeshift kitchen in the background

Is your house ever in such a state that you *hope* noone drops by? Then you make a concerted effort to clear and shine everything before some anniversary, when a group of friends, who you invited several weeks ago in a fit of bravado, come to visit. For our part, with four kids, a big house, and two working adults, this is more like the normal state than the exception. … Continue reading

Egg Decor and Creative Climbing

Egg Decor and Creative Climbing

The best thing about Easter is the time spent together in the cabin doing things like board games, drawing, cooking, and last but not least, decorating Easter eggs! A box of eggs and a painting kit is all that is needed to bring out the creativity in us all. But afterwards we must go outdoors and move our bodies! The toughest of us actually go ice bathing, accompanied by proper … Continue reading

Personal or Professional?


Is it possible to be both personal and professional at the same time? Yes, I believe that it’s possible, and it may even be enriching. Life is not meant to be so darn serious, and with this in mind I embark on a new project, namely to write my blog in Norwegian as well (on my company webpage). Being casual and relaxed is not tantamount to being unprofessional, and the … Continue reading

Hello, I am Connie, I am an Architect

Hello, I am Connie, I am an architect

I have been living in denial for years, while thinking to myself: “Nooo, I´m not really an architect… I could stop any time if I wanted to, and do something completely different with my life. I am not living and breathing for architecture. I could throw it all away in a heartbeat; – the tingling sensation on seeing a beautiful piece of architecture, – the entoxicating feeling of making ideas … Continue reading

I am a Busy Bee

I am a Busy Bee

I am a bee – that buzz buzz buzz around – and collect the essence – cream – honey – from many plants. I start from the outer layers of the flowers, sticking my trunk in and sucking the nectar. Then, heavy and satisfied, I return to my own place. Using what I have received – adding it together – planning – building – my own and everyone’s – beehive. … Continue reading

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