What do you do for a living?


Recently I’ve met a lot of interesting people. Just last week I was inspired by Lucky Linda who lectured on finding your life purpose. I’ve met an interior designer who organizes self-improvement courses, a graphic designer who works as inspirator for her colleagues, a doctor who recently published book about diet and nutrition, a hairdresser working as a musician, and an architect who paints pictures. It may say something about … Continue reading

Storage Get Organized by Sir Terrence Conran


I own a handful of precious books that I once and again take out of the bookshelf in search of valuable advice or inspiration; to read or just look at the pictures. This is one of them. Ever since I stumbled upon it in a bookstore – and couldn’t stop reading so I figured I might as well buy it – I’ve returned to this book whenever the fancy strikes … Continue reading

Spirit of the Home by Jane Alexander


Subtitle: How to make your home a sanctuary Author: Jane Alexander, written 1999 One of the most beautiful books on home improvement that I know is this pearl of a book called the Spirit of the Home. Reading this book starts you on a journey which may take years, guiding you towards your true home. It is a book to get lost in; be inspired by; come back to again … Continue reading

The Essential House Book by Terrence Conran


I recommend to anyone interested in home improvement, a book by Sir Terrence Conran; The Essential House book – the comprehensive source book to home design. It’s a perfect read for anyone who is open for some great advice and enjoy looking at gorgeous pictures. In the first part of the book, a sense of place, Conran gives an introduction to the basic concepts of the home design. You get … Continue reading

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