The Marvels of Marble

A detail from the marble (Leaning) Tower of Pisa

Marble has been imitated, copied, and cultured, across the world and over the centuries, but nothing compares to “the real thing”. The stone has a porous outer layer, which allows the light to penetrate the stone, causing the typical waxy and glowing (skinlike) expression. Marble is somehow soft and solid at the same time, and thereby easy to shape and still strong enought to carry a heavy weight. These are … Continue reading

Jungle Animals and Free Birds in the Heart of Oslo

Forceful jungle animals in the city

Oslo, the capital of Norway, on a cold spring day, on the day the trial of Anders Behren Breivik started (terrorist and mass murderer, responsible for the 22nd of July massacre). No one is unmoved. Danger showed up where it was least expected. “Free as a bird, or in the claws of destiny?” Forceful jungle animals in the heart of the city – reminders of our dependence of the forces … Continue reading

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