Lovable Architecture

The playfulness of Justin Bieber and the Zaha Hadid pavillion

Why do you fall in love with some buildings, while you are indifferent, or even hate, others? With some buildings; its love at first sight, while others slowly grow on you. (And, BTW, – in this case monogomy is out of the question…) Some buildings you love regardless of time and they turn into icons, while others are shooting stars on the sky of architecture. The classic beauty of Audrey … Continue reading

My One-Day-Of-Teleportation Wish List

taj mahal

Imagine. Early one morning, while the rest of the house is still sound asleep, I awaken with a start – there is someone in my bedroom! And out of the blue twiligh steps a beautiful fairy in a white dress, who whispers for me to follow her… Dumbstruck, I put on my slippers and follow her to the kitchen, where she tells me two things, both of which shock me … Continue reading

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