Modern Architecture – Why Do We Build Skyscrapers?

The Gizah Pyramids

A lot of buildings in the world today, that are considered representatives of Modern Architecture, seem to have exceeded all natural limitations when it comes to height. The typically monolithic shape of the popular (from the looks of it) skyscrapers continue to increase in height. The tallest building in the world in the year of 2020 will be over 1 kilometer high. This “mine is bigger than yours” contest has … Continue reading

What Is Modern Architecture – Definition, Interpretation and Personal Opinion

the plan poison for paris

Some movements make such a great impact on the world that they are irreversible. Should you later wish to take a reverse step or two, you´ll discover the movement have altered our way of thinking so profoundly it´s nearly impossible to go back. All you can do is try to find new paths that maintain the values you seem to have lost along the way. Modernism started out as a … Continue reading

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