Ask the Architect: San Gimignano Architecture

San Gimignano

A few weeks back I got my second question from a reader. (Thank you, Emily!) Sorry to say I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to post an answer for you yet, but here it is! The question: Hi Connie, In your opinion, how does San Gimignano’s architecture reflect its rise and fall of wealth and/or economic success and prosperity? Best, Emily My answer: Hi Emily, Thank … Continue reading

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

What started out as a structural blunder turned out to be the pride and joy of Pisa (partly reposted). It’s always nice to reminisce about bygone experiences, and especially when the Norwegian winter is lurking around every corner and seems everlasting. Last year the family lived in Pisa, Italy, and we had the magnificent bell tower of marble five minutes away from our home. (There were taken a few pictures … Continue reading

Siena (part one): Rooftops and the Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo in Siena

I have wanted to visit the great Piazza del Campo in Siena since I learned about it in architectural history class at the University. Its fishbone patterned floor was established when Siena had its golden age in the Middle Ages (like so many of the Tuscan towns). The promenade along the edge with coffeshops and restaurants contributes positively to the atmosphere of the place. Its unique fan-shape is defined by … Continue reading

The San Gimignano 1300 Exhibition

San Gimignano 1300 Exhibition

The SG Centro per Le Arti is located in the heart of San Gimignano, this pearl of Tuscany that I posted about earlier. The main attraction of the museum is the ceramic reproduction of the city anno 1300, which is located in the basement of what used to be one of the City Towers. The skyline of San Gimignano as we know it today is characterized by its 14 towers, … Continue reading

The Cinque Terre Experience – part one

Riomaggiore Townscape

Up in the Liguria region of Italy, lies the Cinque Terre, like a string of beautiful pearls, sprinkled along the ragged shoreline. These five small villages, tied together with a winding path, remain untouched by cars (for the most). The area has been a popular tourist destination since the beginning of tourism. Since 1997 it has been part of Unesco´s World Heritage Site. Before tourism the Cinque Terre were simple … Continue reading

My One-Day-Of-Teleportation Wish List

taj mahal

Imagine. Early one morning, while the rest of the house is still sound asleep, I awaken with a start – there is someone in my bedroom! And out of the blue twiligh steps a beautiful fairy in a white dress, who whispers for me to follow her… Dumbstruck, I put on my slippers and follow her to the kitchen, where she tells me two things, both of which shock me … Continue reading

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