Teen Room Makeover (part 1)

Phase 1: defining the problem

When we moved into our house in 2007, my daughter and I were both involved in picking out the colors and style, layout and furniture for her room. Together we chose the colors red, purple and white to be predominant, and were quite happy with the results at the time. But then her interests and tastes changed quite a lot. She was no longer comfortable with the bright red wall and the purple curtains. Also the layout of the room wasn’t quite functioning for her. She had moved the furniture around a few times, but never really found the right solution.

Clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as hair and makeup, played a much larger role than it did before. She displayed her outfits of choice, but as the pictures illustrate this wasn´t really working well with how the room was planned. Her shoes were on display up on the bookshelf and the clothes and jewelery hang wherever possible. As she pursued this interest in clothes and accessories she got also more conscious of her likes and dislikes. She often found her taste in clothes clash with the red, so changing the color of this wall was a priority for her!

An even bigger problem (according to her mother) was her desk, which was overflowing with little boxes, perfumes, makeup, etc. She now preferred to be alone when doing her homework assignments, whereas earlier she easily did her homework in the living room, with the rest of the family surrounding her. Alas, in those days she did her homework sitting on her bed; obviously not a sustainable solution!

Her room had a door in the corner, and two windows on the opposite walls. The furniture, consisting of a bed/sofa, desk, two chairs, a small table, drawers, wardrobe and shelf was placed as illustrated in this sketch.

Phase 2: planning the solution
We thought a nice place to start looking for solutions for this makeover would be by choosing a few pictures to illustrate her desired style.

As you can see from these pictures (all taken by her, though I did the selection), the taste went in the direction of romantic in shades of pink and beige, not “run of the mill”, but a tad more special.

The next task was to figure out how the new room would complement this style nicely.

From my sketchbook.

My daughter and I bounced a few ideas around on how we wanted her room to look, feel and function. It boiled down to three major functions that needed to be met in the new teen-room.

  1. A place for concentrated work with school assignments; which was inviting and inspiring, well lit, clean and tidy, and had a spot for utensils, books, computer, etc
  2. A place for rest and recreation. Her daybed, round coffee table and cozy chair went here. And, finally:
  3. (This would probably be her no.1 ) A place to keep and display her clothes, shoes and accessories.

Here are the sketches for the workplace, which we would steer by in the next phase (doing the job).

Below is the new layout of the room

The three main functions were arranged in clearly defined areas (well, except the jewelery on the wall by her desk).

The work area was in one corner, the area for relaxation in another, and the clothes and shoes in the third. The furniture was simply rearranged, which was a good thing since we were trying to keep the budget as low as possible.

Still, we needed to make a few investments:

For the work area we needed shelves, a new chair, and some paint.

For defining the area for relaxation we needed a new carpet, and a few cushions from the chosen color palette.

For the wardrobe area we needed a shoe-shelf, a rod for hanging the on-display-clothes, and some paint.

This picture shows what colors we will use:

The grayish-brown in the background is the color of the wall, the grayish-pink to the right will be used over the desk, and the grayish-blue to the left will be used for painting letters/ words on the white wall.

The fabric is there to indicate the material of the curtains, carpet and baskets.

The patch of white illustrates the color of the other walls and most of the furniture, and the cord represents the black curtain rods, among other things.

This was the conclusion of the planning phase of the makeover. There would be made adjustments in the next phase as well, but we had a reasonably well thought out plan.

Phase 3: doing the job
One of the great things about these kinds of processes were the flow of inspiration going with it. One Saturday we went to Panduro, a shop which holds all kinds of hobby-articles, to buy stencils for the words that were going on the walls. Resulting in this shopping spree and creative outburst on my daughter’s part:

A book for writing and drawing ideas, poems, etc. Great, eh? (I ordered one for myself as well!)

The phases of a home improvement project goes hand in hand quite naturally. While we were planning the layout and the details, we were also doing some work!

This joyful sight made me think of a song-lyric to a tune by the Beatles. (Can you guess which one?)

Bye bye red,
Hello grayish-brown…

Welcome back soon to see how it turns out!

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