Teen Room Makeover (part 2) the Result

Some time ago, my daughter and I started on a joint venture; to transform her room into a place for solitude and concentrated work, more in tune with her interests and tastes (and her new-ish status as a teenager).

Well, today I’m happy to say “we did it!”

We painted part of the walls, the window sills and a mirror; bought and put up new shelves, a clothes rack, lighting, curtains, carpet and a new chair; and rearranged the furniture. The cost was kept at a reasonable minimum.

In the previous post I talked about how important it was to get a project completed, and so we did! At this point I also realized that people who live together in a home are ever changing, and, as a reflection of this, a healthy home is ever changing as well.

But now I’ll be quiet and let the pictures speak for themselves…

Details of jewellery on display and her desk for doing schoolwork

Overview of the workspace solution

Details of the overlap between the workspace and recreational area

Overview of the area for resting and entertaining

Sweet dreams…

Wardrobe solution and mirror details

Where to put my earrings…?

Overview of the wardrobe solution

Let your dreams INSPIRE…

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