The Aqueduct of Lucca and The Tricky Business of Water Supply

To provide water to a city, where all the wells are contaminated, was one of the great challenges the people of ancient times were facing. The result was the legendary aqueducts, and there are many examples of this ancient architecture around the world.The aqueduct of Lucca is a fine example. It was built as late as the 19th century in a neoclassical style designed by Luccese architect Lorenzo Nottolini.

The water passed over more than 400 arches in brick and masonry for a length of about 3,250 meters to reach Lucca´s thirsty inhabitants.

This linear structure points straight at the hearth of Lucca.

Even though the sealant partly is non existing the aqueduct is still remarkably intact.

The water was drawn from several springs on the northern slope of Mount Pisano. It was passed through several layers of stones and gravel to become pure and clear.

This part of the aqueduct was surprisingly beautiful, even though I would have loved to see it with water… Talk about landscape adaption.

A couple of hours walk from one end to the other for small feet – presumably a lot slower than the pace of water…

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