The Cinque Terre Experience – part one

Up in the Liguria region of Italy, lies the Cinque Terre, like a string of beautiful pearls, sprinkled along the ragged shoreline. These five small villages, tied together with a winding path, remain untouched by cars (for the most). The area has been a popular tourist destination since the beginning of tourism. Since 1997 it has been part of Unesco´s World Heritage Site. Before tourism the Cinque Terre were simple fishing villages, turning towards their natural element.Finally, one quiet weekend when three of our children were away on a schooltrip, we took the train to the first of these villages, the Riomaggiore. These are some of the impressions we captured with our camera…

This painting was just by the railway station, where there was a dark tunnel leading towards the village.

First impressions are everything…

The main street in the village of Riomaggiore, which could have been in any other Italian town.

The magnificent Riomaggiore townscape, looking towards the sea.

The magnificent Riomaggiore townscape, crawling up the mountain side.

A typical Riomaggiore glimpse.

Something to rest the eyes on…

La Via dell´amore. The path for eternal lovers.

Time for a rest!

The world is looking pretty good from this angle…

La Via dell´amore, towards the next village, Manarola.

I considered calling this post “Uno Terre, e La Via dell´Amore” since that would actually be more appropriate. However, since I´m intent on bringing my other children there, and perhaps walking the whole string of pearls, from village to village, I decided go with the title that support the program.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful place — and what wonderful pictures of them, as well! I love Italy. You’re so lucky. Thanks so much for sharing the experience with us!

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