The Cinque Terre Experience – part two

A few weeks ago we visited the first of the five little towns called the Cinque Terre (five lands), and returned with happy smiles and a full camera. Last saturday we went there again, with the whole family (minus one busy teenager, unfortunately) to share this experience with them.

We decided to start in the other end this time, and took the train to the last of the five, Monterosso al Mare.

This is the only picture that I took in Monterosso I´ve chosen to include here.

Up close, these little towns look like any other Italian towns. It is the way they relate to the landscape, and in particular to the ocean, that is remarkable.

The tranquility of the place really gets to me.

Here´s one of many charming little restaurants where you can get a rest and a bite to eat.

I fell for this vertical roadmap, which actually informs a lot better than an ordinary map about the different routes you can take.

Naturally, with three kids, we took the low road, which is actually considered the most strenuous of the town-to-town stretches.

Even though the pictures are taken by the seaside, we did a lot of climbing, met a lot of sweaty tourists, and got considerably sore feet along the way.

Vernazza was a sight for sore eyes, for more than one reason…

The colors, the complexity, the relaxed atmosphere, the simplicity, the people who live their lives here…

A glimpse of daily life…

Unbelievably, this was how it looked after the flood last October. Two of the town-to-town paths are still closed due to the damages.

Four happy (and sweaty) troopers waiting for the next train…

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