The San Gimignano 1300 Exhibition

The SG Centro per Le Arti is located in the heart of San Gimignano, this pearl of Tuscany that I posted about earlier.

The main attraction of the museum is the ceramic reproduction of the city anno 1300, which is located in the basement of what used to be one of the City Towers.

The skyline of San Gimignano as we know it today is characterized by its 14 towers, but before the Florentine government came and tore down most of the towers late 14th century, there were all of 72 (!) towers in San Gimignano.

The towers were actually used for housing, but also as a safe place to retreat in times of war.

In times of peace the people apparently were dancing in the street… (part of the upstairs exhibition)

Every single house is carefully molded in the scale of 1:100, and it took five artists a whole year to complete the model.

Actually, they are still at it, but now it is another Tuscan town they´re reproducing.

The tools of the trade…

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