Inspiration – What is it and How To Induce It?

You are watching a pretty picture while listening to some music that moves you. Suddenly it is as if time stands still and you enter into a different state of mind. You are inspired!
We all experience flashes of inspiration from time to time. Time stands still and somehow we enter a state of inspiration.

But what exactly is inspiration?

Inspiration is characterized by the urge to create! You are 100% present in the moment and filled with an intense feeling of happiness. Something unexpected, attractive, interesting, and titillating, tickles your mind.

You get inspired when you’re curios, when you want to try something new, and use more of your resources. This condition broadens your horizon by making new connections in the brain.

Humor, for example, can be regarded as pure inspiration. When something is funny, it is often because things are put together in surprising ways. Humor without inspiration is impossible, or at least … uninspired and not particularly funny.

Most people want to inspire others by doing things differently. Innovation, means to make something no one has yet imagined. You create something new and exciting by thinking new thoughts. You are inspired!

inspiration What do you do when you’re inspired?

Do you try out new recipes in the kitchen, paint a wall in your house bright pink, write a book, do your job in a different way, or make a three-bedroom snow cave with the kids?

Or maybe you discover the solution to a problem you’ve been working on for a long time because you suddenly see things from a different angle?

“It’s inspired” you might say when you see something you really like, as if it is a quality associated with it.

“It’s inspiring” you say when something evokes this feeling in you.

It is unambiguously good to be inspired. Why not try to induce this condition more often?

What evokes inspiration?

The answer to this question must be individual. It is a matter of taste, which as you know is not open for discussion…! Some people are inspired by the same thing someone else find repulsive.

But I believe there is some common ground. That which triggers feelings of inspiration is often closely connected to the senses and also to the various arts genres.

A well known source of inspiration is music, and humans have always used different instruments and our voices to make music and songs.

Have you ever been inspired by the taste or smell of a well composed meal? A particularly successful blend of ingredients, drinks and spices? I know I have.


Crafting different materials, textiles, wood, stone, earth, among others, are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Stroking your hand over a rough or smooth surface, enjoying the texture and feel of a sculpture carved in cold marble, walking with bare feet on a carpet, tile, wood, grass, or stone. These things give completely different, and perhaps even unexpected and inspiring sensations.

A half hour with an insightful book can be a very inspiring experience. Words can take you on a wonderful and unexpected journey.

Visiting an art gallery is probably the most classic of all sources of inspiration. Paintings, photographs, prints and lithographs, all have in common that they express the artist’s perception of reality, and the beauty and/or message of the image can lift us out of the mundane.

The art of building design mixes several of the other art forms and challenges all of your senses. In architecture visual, acoustic and tactile properties are particularly important.

To inspire and be inspired are two sides of the same coin. You can inspire someone who do something inspired that inspires you to do something inspired, etc. in an endless circle.

I hope you found this post inspiring, and that you are now filled with the urge to create. Please tell us about it in the comment section if you feel like sharing.

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Inspiration – What is it and How To Induce It? — 2 Comments

  1. It was so great to hear from you! I had to stop by your blog. Wonderful post, as always. When I’m inspired, I usually write. No surprise there. I’ve been known to get inspired to do home projects, too. I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. This Spring I’m sure I’ll think of something.

    • Nice to hear from you too, Janene! Thanks a lot for the comment. Yes, obviously we bloggers write when we’re inspired… 😀 Best of luck with your spring home improvement projects. It is a great feeling to finish something like that! Keep me posted!

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